At Skappo's we use only the best seasonal produce to create a fabulous menu of Italian favorites.


Pomodori Semi Secchi con Ricotta – 8

Toasted ciabatta bread with our imported semi-dried tomatoes and creamy ricotta cheese.

Salsa Tartufata – 9

Italian truffle and mushroom spread on toasted ciabatta bread with fresh mozzarella.

Insalata Mista – 13

Mixed spring greens with gorgonzola, craisins and glazed walnuts in a balsamic vinaigrette

Fichi Riempiti di Gorgonzola – 15

A luxurious dish of wine-soaked figs stuffed with sharp gorgonzola and a delicate cream sauce.

Mamma’s Sunday Sauce – 12

Fresh garden tomato sauce served with toasted ciabatta bread and pecorino romano cheese.

Pasta della Casa

Spaghetti alla Carbonara – 26

Traditional Roman dish of spaghetti, guanciale (pork cheek), eggs, pecorino romano cheese and black pepper.

Pasta al Sugo di Pomodoro Fresco – 20

Rigatoni with Mamma’s freshly made garden tomato sauce.

Pasta Fresca al Pesto Genovese – 20

Fresh tagliatelle with a fragrant imported basil pesto.

Lasagna del Giorno – 20

Mamma’s freshly prepared lasagna in the Umbrian tradition – lighter and more delicate. Ask about tonight’s preparation!

Spaghetti al Bolognese – 22

Spaghetti with a traditional Bolognese sauce of ground beef, tomatoes, carrots, onions and celery.

Rigatoni ai Quattro Formaggi – 22

Rigatoni with a four cheese sauce: pecorino romano, tangy gorgonzola, creamy ricotta and rich mascarpone.

Risotto con Pistacchi – 22

Smooth, creamy arborio rice risotto with a creamy and slightly tangy pistachio and cheese sauce.

Piatti Umbri

Pollo Arrostito e Broccoli – 20

A rustic, hearty dish – oven roasted, rosemary seasoned chicken served with grilled broccoli.

Polpette di Manzo e Melanzane e Fagiolini – 21

Our savory, oven-baked, beef and eggplant meatballs are paired with roasted string beans.

Salsicce con Patate Arrostite – 21

Sweet Italian sausage – rich and flavorful, with the aroma of fennel and rosemary. Served with a hearty Umbrian roasted potatos seasoned with rosemary.


Our sister Yvette is always creating something new and delicious for dessert!
She will gladly tell you what we have tonight!

In the past we have offered her tangy lemon tiramisu, crunchy chocolate chip biscotti and her chocolate mousse with crushed almonds and fresh whipped cream – to name but a few examples. Stop in and see what’s happening!